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Lux - The Studio - Feb 6th - P- Olly Hog



- Dancers must treat all staff, peers and THE STUDIO facility with the utmost respect at all times. This includes tidying up after themselves when preoccupying space.

- Dancers must attend class regularly and must contact THE STUDIO ahead of time if they plan to miss class. A dancer is expected to catch up on missed class time either by working with another student or scheduling a private lesson.

- Dancers must be on time for class in order to properly warm-up their body for movement.

- Dancers must adhere to THE STUDIO Dress Code. (See Dress Code under THE STUDIO tab.)

- Dancers are expected to practice at home on a regular basis.


- Parents/Guardians must treat all staff, students, other families and the facility with the utmost respect at all times. THE STUDIO Directors reserve the right to terminate services of any families that do not uphold our values. 

- Parents/Guardians must inform THE STUDIO of any upcoming absences and understand that private make-up lessons at additional costs may be required for their child.

- Parents/Guardians understand that THE STUDIO is not responsible for unsupervised children before/after class and that parents accept full responsibility for damages caused.

- Parents/Guardians must stay updated on studio events such as but not limited to: exams, dress rehearsals, recitals, conventions and competitions.

- Parents/Guardians understand that if their child is a disturbance and behaving inappropriately, they will be removed from class.

- Parents/Guardians understand that their if child misses too many classes, it is the teacher’s discretion on whether they can participate in performances/competitions.

- Parents/Guardians understand that any outstanding fees on their account as of March 20th will result in their child not being permitted to attend competitions and/or year end recitals.

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