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Begbie Falls Shoot - The Studio - May 9t


Value in communication

- 72hr max response time for emails, messages and phone calls.

- Suggestion Box available for families to voice opinions anonymously.

- Providing a monthly newsletter.

- Supporting parent committees with fundraising opportunities.


Commitment to students

- Providing a safe space for dancers to spend free time.

- Providing guest choreographers and workshops.

- Upholding a standard of professionalism in the classrooms.

- Actively seeking new learning opportunities by attending a variety of competitions and conventions.

- Training that builds towards Ballet exams.


Professional development

- Seasonal staff meetings.

- Annual performance reviews.

- Creating team building opportunities.

- Provide professional development workshops.

- Attendance at competitions and conventions.

THE STUDIO Dance & Wellness is a competitive and recreational dance studio located in Revelstoke, BC. THE STUDIO specializes in classes for toddlers up to adults with a wide variety of dance styles which include: Classical Ballet, Character Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro Dance and Musical Theatre. It is our foremost goal to create a community space which offers a place for children and adults to be active, grow and learn among other like-minded people.


Jacqui and Kenley came together through a shared passion for teaching dance. After working together on various creative projects, they quickly became close friends and discovered that they both always dreamed of owning a dance studio. They decided to team up and make that dream a reality. Kenley and Jacqui understand the importance of structure and stability and are determined to provide that to their students. After a little over a year of planning… THE STUDIO was born.

Dancing - The Studio - Feb 6th - P- Olly
Dancing - The Studio - Feb 6th - P- Olly
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