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Begbie Falls Shoot - The Studio - May 9t

THE STUDIO Dance & Wellness is a competitive and recreational dance studio located in Revelstoke, BC. THE STUDIO specializes in classes for toddlers up to adults with a wide variety of dance styles which include: Classical Ballet, Character Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro Dance and Musical Theatre. It is our foremost goal to create a community space which offers a place for children and adults to be active, grow and learn among other like-minded people.


Jacqui and Kenley came together through a shared passion for teaching dance. After working together on various creative projects, they quickly became close friends and discovered that they both always dreamed of owning a dance studio. They decided to team up and make that dream a reality. Kenley and Jacqui understand the importance of structure and stability and are determined to provide that to their students. After a little over a year of planning… THE STUDIO was born.



To create a place where all members of our community feel safe, respected and supported to push their boundaries, grow as artists and achieve their dreams. 



It is important that our staff, students and anyone else who accesses THE STUDIO, have the support to take risks and freely express who they are without judgement. THE STUDIO is a space of immense creativity and requires the understanding of others in order to learn and grow to be better. We push everyone to be in constant evolution with the intention of becoming the best we can be.


THE STUDIO is a source of encouragement and openness to all its members. Together we can bear the weight, and lean on one another through difficult times while celebrating our successes as a team.


We strive to create an environment where members can thrive and feel the freedom to take risks. We understand that any misstep or mistake is met with empathy and compassion. In keeping our community rooted in kindness, young dancers and teachers can feel safe to be creative and vulnerable. 


To be careful and considerate of others each time you walk through THE STUDIO doors, while honouring our art form and its history. This consideration includes being accountable for your preparation and preparedness in class and at all events. 


Value in communication

- 72hr max response time for emails, messages and phone calls.

- Suggestion Box available for families to voice opinions anonymously.

- Providing a monthly newsletter.

- Supporting parent committees with fundraising opportunities.


Commitment to students

- Providing a safe space for dancers to spend free time.

- Providing guest choreographers and workshops.

- Upholding a standard of professionalism in the classrooms.

- Actively seeking new learning opportunities by attending a variety of competitions and conventions.

- Training that builds towards Ballet exams.


Professional development

- Seasonal staff meetings.

- Annual performance reviews.

- Creating team building opportunities.

- Provide professional development workshops.

- Attendance at competitions and conventions.

Dancing - The Studio - Feb 6th - P- Olly
Dancing - The Studio - Feb 6th - P- Olly
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